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Wagner Soccer is the only program of its kind. We are a community of families, coaches and administrators who understand that our goal is to provide a safe and educational environment for those within the community to explore passion.  What we provide to participants is a low-stress, highly intelligent way of learning. The methodology is based on the teaching of the brain to provide for:


  • Confidence

  • Intellectual Flexibility

  • Independence

  • Creativity

Wiinter Academy

Our November through April program is now available for registration.  

Saturdays:  Ages 4 - 12 (Irondequoit)

Sundays:  Ages 5 - 18 (Henrietta)

Tuesdays:  Ages 5 - 14 (Irondequoit)

Thursdays: Ages 13+ (Henrietta)

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Wagner Soccer has spent 10 years in Brazil developing friendships and partnerships that are culturally significant for those in the U.S. as well as those living in Brazil. Our Tangará project was started as part of the Wagner Soccer Intercambio (Exchange) program. The program started out as a way for American children to understand what soccer is to those around the world. It ended up being a culturally significant event in the Northeast of Brazil.

Through the joint work of Miguel Delima (Delima Soccer Enterprises), ABC Futebol Clube (Natal), SEI of Tangará, Master Zezinho (Capoeira Celeiros de Bambas), and the Federal University of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, Wagner Soccer developed a platform by which children in the United States and Brazil could learn what it was like to participate in activities together. What was most significant was the Girls Soccer Initiative that Bob Wagner and his family commenced in 2012 and came to fruition in 2014. 

If you are interested in getting more information in regards to our cultural and educational projects in Natal, Brazil, please contact us.

  • Soccer Exchanges

  • Capoeira Exchanges

  • 10 - 14 day tours

  • 4 - 6 week immersive tours

  • 6 ;months immersion programs

  • Fully customizeable experiences


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