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Wagner Soccer is the only program of its kind. We are a community of families, coaches and administrators who understand that our goal is to provide a safe and educational environment for those within the community to explore passion.  What we provide to participants is a low-stress, highly intelligent way of learning. The methodology is based on the teaching of the brain to provide confidence, intellectual flexibility, independence, and creativity.


Our Method


We do not teach based on a need to form a team. This allows us to teach each student to develop their own strengths as all children are different and should not be limited to learning one of 11 positions on a field.  Our students, because of how we teach, have a true understanding of every part of the game and are typically the most skillful and smartest players on the field, long-term.


  • All of our students are taught that the person with the ball, at any time, is the most important player on the field and they learn to make the best decision at that moment.

  • All of our students make decisions independently and that independence is reinforced through the training.

  • The brain is the most important part of the player and it is what is typically utilized least. We provide a system in which cognitive development is reinforced above all else.

  • Your children will never feel afraid to fail as they are reinforced to take risks at all times and the training encourages it.

  • Your family will see the passion from all of the coaches and those involved. It is contagious.

  • We are a complementary program for all clubs, which means that families can feel secure that their kids will not be under pressure to leave their club.

  • Your child will show rapid improvement and it will become obvious that their path in soccer will change in an amazing way.

Our Future


Our education does not stop at soccer. Through educational and cultural initiatives, Wagner Soccer has developed programs that bring people to foreign countries to learn about culture and how sports and education need to go hand in hand, in order to have a thriving and growing community.


If you would like to try our program, please contact us and setup a time to come in during a class. If you are ready to register, you can do so directly on our website.


Bob Wagner

Wagner Soccer

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