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Thank you for your patience as we were developing the game-play program, in conjunction with the Irondequoit Soccer Academy and the Rochester City Soccer League Academy Program.  The program details are below, including registration details.


PLEASE NOTE:  This program is only available to participants of the Wagner Soccer Academy, the Irondequoit Soccer Academy and the Rochester City Soccer League Academy Program.


Wagner Soccer has expanded to create a game-play opportunity for those training in the Methodology.  This exciting new opportunity brings together the participants of three different organizations to play games, to reinforce all development.


This Saturday program will continue through the summer and will take place at the Stadium Field at the Rochester Community Sports Complex (Formerly Rhinos Stadium).  All game play will be coached by Wagner Soccer staff.  


Note:  In order to register for this program you must be in the Wagner Team Academy or the Irondequoit Team Academy.


  • Start Day:   Saturday, May 18, 2024 (No program on July 6, 2024)
  • Sessions:              10
  • Time:                    1:30pm – 3pm
  • Location:             Rochester Community Sports Complex, 460 Oak St., Rochester, NY (Formerly Rhinos Stadium)
  • Ages:                    8 – 10 and 11 - 13 (There is some flexibility in this as there always is)
  • Format:                First 3 sessions are part training and part game-play and final 7 sessions are mainlygame-play to reinforce method training.
  • Cost:                     $150.00 for full-session

Game Session - Spring/Summer 2024

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