Come join us in Natal for a fantastic, immersive cultural experience.  Our tour of this fantastic city includes an opportunity to participate in soccer, capoeira, tourism, community events and more.  


This registration is the deposit on the tour.  The deposit is necessary for the tour planners to better plan for the event in 2020.  Once the planning starts, a final tour price will be developed. 


The registration fee is $250.00, if paid by check or cash.  If paying through the website or in person, by credit card, the fee iincludes a 3% credit card processing fee.


The deposit ($250.00) is refundable up until a deposit is made on housing in Natal for the group.  All participants will be notified prior to that happening. 


If paying by check, please complete the registration on the site and select to pay in person, which will allow you to complete the registration.  


Send the check to:


Wagner Soccer

P.O. Box 88073

Rochester, NY 14618


Natal Tour Deposit - July / August 2020


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