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Thank you for your patience as we were developing the game-play program, in conjunction with the Rochester City Soccer League Academy Program.  The program details are below, including registration details.


PLEASE NOTE:  This program is only available to participants of the Wagner Soccer Academy and the Rochester City Soccer League Academy Program.


  • Start Day:   Saturday, January 27, 2024 (No class on February 24, 2024)
  • Sessions:              10
  • Time:                    2pm – 3pm
  • Location:             444 East Main St., Rochester, NY 14604 (YMCA of Greater Rochester, Gymnasium)
  • Ages:                    8 – 10 / 11 – 13 (There is some flexibility in this as there always is)
  • Format:                First 3 sessions are part training and part game-play and final 7 sessions are mainly futsal game-play to reinforce method training.
  • Cost:                     $150.00 for full-session

Game Session - Winter 2024

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